Why I’m Relating to Honeycomb


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Today I had a healing session with a fabulous healer in New Zealand with whom I have Skype sessions with. In it I did some short meditations and in one of them a vision of, and the word, honeycomb kept coming up.

My over active mind was thinking what the heck, why would I be seeing and hearing the word honeycomb.  I just sat with it.

Then I was asked to do some stream of consciousness writing on it (meaning just take a pen and paper and write without stopping, whatever is coming up write it down no thought or judgement) and bingo I hit it.

Queen bee responsible for everything.

I’ve been feeling this overwhelming, and proving unhealthy, sense of responsibility for everything not only in my life but other people’s lives too (mostly family).

As a highly empathic person I do take on other people’s feeling and put myself in their shoes very easily.  Part of the issue is that I don’t take their shoes off completely so I carry that with me.

I feel responsible for providing for my family, even though I know technically I’m not responsible for anyone other than my very young dependent children.  However I do actually really care and want to help people I know and love as much as possible and would never want to see them in hardship.

I know that I have so much potential, so much to offer, so much I could be rewarded for financially and otherwise and yet I’m still playing small.  I’m still hiding under a blanket of fears.

I’m still holding myself back, out of indecision and out of fear.

This self-imposed burden of responsibility really is slowing me down because I feel like everything has to be perfect, I have to make it big time in order to support so many people.

That leads to overwhelm and that for me means either shutting down and running away, or continuous seeking in the pursuit of the big thing that will be my ticket to success.

When really all that feels like is chasing success based on someone else’s terms and even then that is just an appearance of success anyway.

So it’s time to move some of this energy, it’s time to shift it so I can actually open and allow, and stop blocking myself.

I could actually relate to more than just the Queen bee part of the honey comb symbolism too, the ideas of control and perfection, order and organisation come up as well and if I ponder it longer more comes up.

Fascinating stuff really, the power of the mind and exploring symbolism.

I encourage you to take a minute to meditate and see what comes up, even if it feels random do some stream of consciousness writing and see what reveals itself.


Jocasta Maree




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