What I Want More Of In 2014


This year I’ve decided is all about creative expression, about having fun and doing art.

Writing poetry, painting, creating, crafting what ever tickles my fancy in the moment.

I’m participating in Tamara Laporte’s Life Book 2014 year long art class.  There is a new class every week, and I’m pumped.

This is week two’s class, now I’m going to do week one – how fun is that to not do things in order! ;)

So this blog and website is getting a makeover, it’s going to be for my personal journey into creative expression this year.

I won’t be offering coaching or angel card readings (unless you ask really nicely with some art supplies on top!! :P )

My focus has changed, I’m now setting up a new business as the exclusive distributor in Australia of THE.BEST.CHAIR ever invented – The Chill Out Chair.

So between that, family and art my life is overflowing with awesomeness this year.

Thanks for being part of my journey I look forward to sharing my words and art with you this year – 2014 The Year of FUN!


Jocasta Maree


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