The Ocean

The Ocean

I’m going through a poetry phase, I’m thinking and writing in prose a lot at the moment.  Feels good, feels nice, feels right and I look forward to sharing more here on my blog!

The Ocean

As I stare at the vast ocean

I feel the symbolism

The relatedness

To being human

We have waves of emotions

Waves of experiences

Sometimes it’s smooth, it’s calm and it’s serene

Sometimes it’s rough, it’s bumpy, it’s up and down

Some places it’s crystal clear

Other places it’s murky

Some places are shallow

Some places are deep

All the time though it’s one completeness

One whole system in movement

In harmony

Without instructions

Without seeking

Without duality

Without wrong and right

There is no inside and outside

There is just one divine ocean of oneness

One ocean of energy in motion






One ocean of energy

To which we all belong.



Jocasta Maree

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