The Fine Print

I come from a place of love, trust, compassion, faith and integrity and know if you’re reading this and want to work with me you will too (as I only attract wonderful clients like you)!

This is not legalese I’m just covering off some areas that come up from time to time to make sure that everyone I work with is clear on some policies and ethics I have in place to hold the sacred space for the work I do.

First, all services are non-refundable unless an error was made at the time of booking resulting in the same purchase going through multiply times (very unlikely) in which case you will receive back the duplicate purchase only.

I value and honour the time people choose to spend with me therefore I have to request that if you need to change your scheduled time it is done at least 48 hours beforehand unless there is an emergency.

I call you, on the phone or Skype, at the assigned time we have agreed upon, if you’re more than 10 minutes late with no prior communication the session will be forfeited.

For email readings I email the file to the email address that you supply, if you do not receive it within the time frame indicated you are responsible for following up with me.

Everything I do is in complete confidence, I never sell or share any of you personal information nor discuss it with anyone else EVER.  This is paramount to keeping the space sacred and non-judgmental, you can discuss anything and everything with me with complete trust that it is confidential.

All my clients are added to my mailing list to receive emails from me if they have not already elected to, you are free to unsubscribe at any time via the link in the email.

All my services and information provided on this site are for personal and spiritual development purposes only.  Everyone has free will and can take or leave anything that is discussed and are fully responsible for what they do with the information they receive.

Please Note:

I do not do readings for people without their consent so you cannot ask for a reading or ‘information’ about or for someone else.

I am a messenger for the angelic realm and not a medium to connect with the spirits of decreased people.  If this is what you’re looking for please find a reputable and trained medium to work with.

I do not offer medical advice for any physical or mental health issues.

I do not do crystal ball psychic readings to predict the future or make decisions for you, I will give you messages which may assist you to answer your own questions.

I am never going to tell you you’re broken and need fixing (because that isn’t true for anyone just in case you were wondering), that you have to work with only me, that you have to spend your life’s savings to figure yourself out or anything else ludicrous or that doesn’t serve you in the highest good.

I may offer affiliate products of services for things that I have personally used or tried, simply because I love them and that’s how I can share them – never for the soul purpose of making money from it.

By using any of the services I offer you agree to these terms and conditions.


Jocasta Maree