Surviving vs Thriving

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I’ve been pushing too long.  I saw this coming, no really I did.  Which begs the questions why would I do that to myself, why just keep pushing and pushing my poor body and not stopping to take care of it?

Why not honour its importance in my life?  Um hello my physical health and wellbeing couldn’t really get much more important surely, it’s my soul’s home!!

I’ve kept pretending that I’m special (I know shock horror I’m just as special as you really, because we’re all special), pretending that I’m super human.

That I just don’t need as much sleep as ‘they say’.  That I can wear my lack of sleep, my amazing multitasking skills and apparent ability to function as a badge of honour.

And yes I am functioning pretty well, all things considered I would say.

But really if I’m honest with myself I’m just surviving.

I want to thrive in this precious life of my mine, not just survive it.

Not live it in a sleep deprived fog, not have my body just get so darn sick of waiting for me to respect it that it decides to make me physically sick and ache just to wake up.

I need sleep.

I need to start taking care of myself.

I need to stop spending so much time in the pursuit of success and what to do next and just sit in the now and see what happens.

I need to give my body the chance to heal so it can operate at level thrive.

I just need to stop, to slow down, to smell the proverbial roses.

I need to just be still and listen.

I need to take my own advice.

These needs are not really needs though, they are wants.  A subtle yet potent difference.  I have known I needed all that for a while now.

Now I want it.

Let it be known, let it be declared, let it be shouted from the roof tops…


So, are you surviving or thriving?  Let me know your tips for thriving, what makes you feel alive?


Jocasta Maree


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  1. I have no tips for thriving right now but I can so very much relate to the surviving. I think having two young children and trying to fit in pockets of “me” time it is natural in be in survival mode because without a little bit of me here and there, being sleep deprived I would simply go mad! One day we will look back and say “Wow, we did so well under the pressures of being a Mum, a wife and simply us”. We are doing awesome Jocasta! So maybe we are thriving under the circumstances of life afterall but not giving credit where it’s due :)

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