In This Moment

photo credit: seanmcgrath via photopin cc

photo credit: seanmcgrath via photopin cc

Another poem this week, prose seems to continue to flow from me and I’m allowing it to.  Opening myself as a conduit for these words to be expressed.

My hope is that this poem evokes your own contemplation and reflection of all there is to be grateful for in this moment.  Enjoy.

In This Moment

I start my walk
I catch a glimmer
Of a bird fly by
It starts my contemplation
Of all this creation
All that has conspired
All that has transpired
And all that has been inspired
To make this moment

This moment
That is all for me
To experience
Right now

As I place my foot forward
On the concrete path
I acknowledge
Someone planned this
Someone built this
Someone made this happen
For me

Someone sewed the
Seeds of the grass
Beside the path
Each blade coming together
To soften my view
And to help me breathe

That house was built
That tree was planted
That flower too
Which blooms
For me to see
For me to experience
In this moment

And as I lose the shade
Of a tree
The sun’s light
Blinds me
And I realise
Those rays
Are the connection
Those rays
Are a source of oneness
For they have shone
For eons gone
On big and small

And despite our differences
It’s a common thread
It’s what we all
Need to live
And it requires nothing
Of us to give

But I give
I give a moment
In this moment
To stand in
Its grace
Soak up
Its wonder
And pour forth
The gratitude
I have for this place

That’s come together
Right now
In this moment
For me
To embrace.

© Jocasta Norman 2013

In the comments below I’d love for you to tell me what you feel when you read this poem, and/or to let me know what you’re grateful for in this moment!


Jocasta Maree

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  1. This is just beautiful, Jocasta.

    ~ Christine

  2. Jocasta, I thoroughly enjoyed this. I find myself often looking at the world with wonder but you’ve given me an insight into being even more grateful for the beauty that surrounds us every day. Thank you so much.

  3. You remind me of Thich Nhat Hanh. And I’ve never said that to anyone. :) Lovely work, friend!

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