I’m Not No One

Not a No One

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It’s 1130PM and I’ve just showed up to my Tuesday commitment to blog.  I’m here, I’m tired and it was so tempting to just say to myself

“oh well no one will notice, no one will care, heck I don’t even think anyone is reading this anyway…”

Then I remembered I’m not a no one, I do care, I am reading this.  Heck last time I checked I’m writing it, so I better be reading it!!

Although some times when I reread what I’ve written I wonder where it came from (and how I could make so many grammar and spelling mistakes, did I mention I was tired?)

Too many places and times in my life I’ve stopped showing up, stopped my commitment to me and I would like that to stop.

So yeah I’m here, and so are you and I’m so grateful for that.

Thank you!


Jocasta Maree


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