Decluttering The Unseen

photo credit: Urban Woodswalker via photopin cc

photo credit: Urban Woodswalker via photopin cc

I’m in the thick of decluttering at the moment…read the painful part where everything is out but not put back together yet!  Call it Spring Cleaning if you will since it is Spring in my part of the world now.  Really though it’s more than that, it’s symbolic, long overdue and so necessary and there is no need to wait for a specific time of year, why is it called Spring Cleaning anyway?!  Just do it any time, starting now would be good (well maybe finish reading this blog post first, would be nice.)

This recent kick start of the declutter bug started with a great e-book I got called 12 Office Feng Shui Must Do’s and I realised (what I already intuitively sensed) so many energetic blocks I have in my office and home in general.  So it’s time to change that all up, to move things around for a start but more importantly to de-clut-ter big time.  To release all that is not in use or of service any longer.  To make space to create and to not have that energy hanging around.  I’m also going to be doing some clearing with a smudge stick which I’ve never done before so that will be fun, YAY for trying new things!

I’ve moved A LOT in the last 10 years including overseas a couple of times, I think I can add up at least 10 different abodes in that period, and each time I move I get rid of more but it seems to just grow and grow again, and now I have 2 kids they are just a ticket to collect clutter, especially with clothes and toys.

It’s easy to start with the obvious clutter spots like wardrobes, oh how good does it feel to release all those clothes that you never wear anyway, someone will and it’s such a waste to just have them sitting there not fulfilling their purpose – do them a favour release them!! :)

So I’ve done my wardrobe and now the kids’ clothes, my hubby still needs to do his, somehow he’s not as excited about this whole decluttering exercise as I am, bless him he does help when I ask though but to him if it’s in a cupboard or drawer then what does it matter you can’t see it, I however can feel it and know it’s there.  Same goes for my mum, who we live with, they help me but it’s not their top priority.

Like I was saying the easy things are the obviously places like wardrobes and hall cupboards but I invite you to take this a step further, as I am.  That is to venture in to the forgotten places – cue music – the computer, your files, your accounts, your phone, your wallet, your relationships, your commitments.

Yes pretty much every area in life lends itself to being cluttered given half a chance.  It’s so much more instantly gratifying to take on the wardrobe, or the pantry, where you can see the beautiful before and after and bask in your hard work, however I think it’s even more important to declutter the unseen.

I’m sure that there are plenty of files, emails, documents, even photos that you could delete off your computer, just because it has plenty of storage space doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to just fill it, or leave things there that could easily be deleted.

There will be contacts and text messages in your phone that really are just taking up space, how about your wallet, is it full of old receipts you jammed in there at the checkout, are there loyalty cards you never use, coupons that have expired, what about bank accounts and credit cards do you have more than you need or use?  Then hello Facebook I’m so sure there are pages you could unlike, people you could change to just Top Stories in your newsfeed, hide altogether or shock horror ‘unfriend’, quit worrying about hurting someone’s feelings you need to clear the decks to be the best you, not them!

As you can see there is so much scope to make space in your life by just tidying up, releasing the old and decluttering.

Now for relationships and commitments, there will be some things you just wish you didn’t have to do or some relationships you might be maintaining out of a sense of obligation.  Use this as an opportunity to practice saying “no”.  Acknowledge that “No.” is a complete sentence.

I recently have had this issue hanging over me of feeling really unhappy with a course that I did but I didn’t want to rock the boat so I just rode it out, counting down to the last payment to feel a sense of closure.  While this might not have been the ideal way to go about it, or even what I would recommend to myself now, I just wanted to highlight this sense of clearing I got when it ended and that I could have done that sooner.  So I’m encouraging you not to wait, if something isn’t serving you let it go.  This is all part of decluttering.

So here’s a summary of my tips:

  • Start with the objective of decluttering (if you can’t think of anything just choose because someone said it was a good idea, because it is and I’m a someone)
  • List the areas to declutter (don’t leave off the ones you just don’t want to face, I know that trick, they’re the most important)
  • Rank them in order of priority (which will likely read an order of preference to do)
  • Commit some time to them, actually schedule it to avoid multitasking and starting it on the fly, it will be more enjoyable to complete something that just start several areas at once (should have taken my own advice here, although this tip wouldn’t have been so essential to remind you of if I wasn’t currently sitting knee deep in kids’ clothes, stuff from the office, and stuff from the hall cupboard)
  • Commit to maintenance, once the files on your computer for example are tidied up (which may take several chunks of time) make an earnest commitment to be more discerning in the future so as not to end up back here again (life is too short to spend it forever decluttering)
  • Organise and deal with the outcome straight away, there will be a pile of rubbish, a pile to sell and a pile to giveaway (do not let this stuff sit around forming a clutter of declutter, no, no, no drop it off at a charity right away, put the rubbish out ASAP, and start listing the stuff for sale as you go and if things don’t sell right away then just give it away, seriously if you would only get $5 for if you sold it anyway just give it away, it’s not worth the angst over $5 – your time is worth more than that)
  • Celebrate, this is key I believe because decluttering can be hard, it can be hard to let go, it doesn’t have to be and isn’t always but there is likely something that will come up in the process that pushes your buttons, so celebrate pushing through that (um just try not to go out and buy more ‘stuff’ as a celebration!)
  • Enjoy the feeling of space and freedom, the space to create and fill your cup with only that which serves and makes you happy (clutter is most likely one of the things that stands between you and more happiness so why wait, really?)

I’d love to know how you get on, baby steps are fine too…you don’t have to go bull at the gate like me!


Jocasta Maree


A Recipe for Intuition

Here’s a little recipe I came up with for helping find/follow your intuition.

This is available to all of us at any time, and if you have to skip the water you’ll still be ok :) , so no excuses!




Jocasta Maree

6 Tips That Got Me Out of a Slump

easter feeling

It’s Tuesday, my blog post writing day and today well I just don’t feel like writing all that much and yet I made a commitment and so I’m showing up because I’m more than my feelings.

See I’m in a bit of a slump, a feeling-a-bit-down-and-sorry-for-myself-day mostly because I’m ridiculously tired and completely exhausted (partly self-induced, mostly snot filled children induced) my emotions are at a high and it doesn’t take much to set me off.

So what am I doing to get out of this slump?  Here’s some tips on what I do when I’m feeling a bit blue, things I’m doing today to stop feeling this way any longer than I need to.

1. Cry

Now I know crying isn’t for everyone but I am a crier and find it easy to shed a tear, and I think it’s important to express my emotions and not let them fester.  So if I feel like crying then cry I will, and today I have.

2. Get some fresh air

Thankfully it’s a nice day outside so I’ve spent some time in the sun and connecting to Pachamama (Mother Earth) and all the beautiful things she has to offer our senses.

3. Drink some water

A nice big glass of fresh filtered water with a bit of lemon juice and some mint leaves is just the best, thankfully there was some fresh mint in the fridge, just feels special to spruce up a glass of water sometimes, that I’m worth it feeling.

4. Get grounded

Some deep breaths, a visualisation/self-guided meditation of white light coming in through my crown chakra and through my body, out my feet and into the Earth.

5. Gratitude

Listing 3 things I’m grateful for always helps with some perspective.

6. Pull some angel cards

This is a great comfort for me, they are so powerful and always perfect.

Now I got sidetracked and distracted writing this post today and completing the things I’ve mentioned, as well as being a mum to an unwell baby and suffering from hayfever today.

So I’m letting the perfectionist in me rest because I could write more however I’m honouring my commitment to write and my commitment to my health by getting some sleep!

Let me know some of your tips for getting out of a slump.


Jocasta Maree




Some words that I like to live by and wanted to share as a manifesto.  Please feel free to share and download.


Jocasta Maree


What If?


photo credit: Stuck in Customs via photopin cc

What if:

- you listened more?

- your intuition was right?

- it was possible to live in the flow lane, to trust your inner guidance?

- you started believing in angels?

- it didn’t matter what people thought of you?

- you stopped living in your old story and starting creating a new one?

- you could find gratitude for everything, even the ‘hard’ things?

- you took everything you’ve learned, and been told you should do, and just tossed it out the window?

- you said “yes” more to things that made your heart sing?

- it was ok to make “No.” a complete sentence?

- you saw everything as ‘on the way’ instead of ‘in the way?’

- you surrendered, took a leap of faith and just trusted?

- it was the best choice you ever made?

- you just did it?

What if…


Change of Seasons


photo credit: Jeff Kubina via photopin cc

Hello September, my all time favourite month of the year!  I’ve spent roughly half my adult life living in the Northern Hemisphere and the other half in the Southern so I know September to be spring and to be autumn/fall; both I just adore.

Currently I’m living in Australia so I’m loving the start of the longer days, the warmth, the blossom, all the beautiful flowers blooming, mangoes back at the market, and that decluttering ‘spring clean’ feel.

All the time aware of my all my friends in the North about to enjoy the delightful changing of the leaves, the cooling down, the shorter days heading into winter and the return to warm soups and yummy winter comfort food.

I love the reminder the change of seasons gives us of the cycles of nature, and the wonder of how it all happens so perfectly orchestrated, without us having to life a finger.  Also of the whole cycle of death and rebirth, mirroring our existence too as we are part of nature and not separate from it.

If you’re entering spring I invite you to take this opportunity to rebirth something in your life, a dream, a vision, a healthy habit, something that you know brings you joy, satisfaction, fulfillment.  It’s time to ignite, to blossom, to bloom, to grow.

For those entering autumn/fall it’s time to shed that which is not serving you, time to harvest the fruits of your labour and reward yourself, prepare for a period of reflection.  It’s time to turn inwards, slow down, reflect, to shed.

Wherever you are in the world enjoy this most magic time of the year!!

Let me know your favourite thing about the change of the seasons.


Jocasta Maree



Are You Feeling Worthy?


photo credit: ROSS HONG KONG via photopin cc

This week I pulled an angel card for the week, for the lovely community on my Facebook page and it was the Angel of Self-Worth which got me pondering. Why is it that most people’s issues in life seem to boil down to feelings of worthiness?  That and being loveable but that’s another topic.

What happens to make someone not feel worthy?  Considering I can’t see how it would be possible to be born feeling not worthy (seriously the biological chances of you being conceived and born are just too crazy slim to warrant any mention of not being worthy) so that makes me believe it has to come over time, with what must be a series of events and beliefs that are adopted subconsciously.

If it’s adopted then surely it can be changed and new thoughts and beliefs of worthiness can be replace these feelings of unworthiness.  Dr Wayne Dyer has himself said

“Self-worth comes from one thing – thinking that you are worthy.”

Could it really be that easy?  If the Universe conspired to have you be here now, in this body, at this time with your trillions of cells working together without you even having to tell them what to do – something, someone, somewhere thought you were a good idea and you are worthy.  Maybe that reminder alone can help you start thinking you’re worthy too?

I believe self-worth really comes down to respecting yourself, here are some tips on increasing your self-worth:

1. Permission to Dream

Giving yourself permission to dream awakens your creativity, your intuition and your passion.  Start thinking about what makes you feel good, what makes you laugh and come to life.  What’s important to you, what do you stand for and believe in?  How do you want to spend your time and energy and how can you do so and follow your dreams?  Start respecting your dreams because they are part of you.

2. Speak Your Mind

When you express yourself authentically from the heart you validate to yourself that your feelings, thoughts, beliefs and opinions matter too.  What better way to improve your self-worth than to voice yourself.  Honour where you’re at and express it, respect yourself and the worth of your opinions.

3. Proud List

Make a list of all the things you’re proud of in your life, things you’ve achieved or done, ways you’ve been.  Sometimes I find my clients find this easier if they imagine they’re a reporter and have rung someone really close to you to interview them about you, what would they say you would be proud of?

4. I Choose

I mentioned the power of the words you use in my post Goodbye You, Hello I and it’s again important here in the tip of using “I choose…” over “I can’t because…”  When I tried a vegan diet last year people would say “oh you can’t have that now” and I was quick to remind them “no I can actually I’m just choosing not to.”  This simple change in perspective really helps claim it a choice because you’re worth it, even if only to yourself which is actually the most important person to believe it!

You ARE worthy of this life, of love, of fulfillment, happiness, abundance, of making your heart sing, of just simply being.

Just like a flower doesn’t question its worthiness in blooming it’s time for you to not question yours either.


Jocasta Maree

The Journey – A Poem

photo credit: AlicePopkorn via photopin cc

photo credit: AlicePopkorn via photopin cc

This poem recently came across my path and I loved it so I wanted to share.

Funny how thanks to high school English I’ve developed this strange feeling around poetry.  I always seemed to get the interpretation ‘wrong’ in the teachers’ eyes and I think I went off poetry, feeling like I was no good at it.

A bit scary really when I think about the power of a teacher to influence a mind, and especially at the subconscious level.  I did used to think when I got my marks back “But how can I be wrong? If that is what the poem means to me it has to be right, doesn’t it?”

The seeds of my freedom thinking were planted long ago.

I’m so grateful for the loving, nurturing space my mother has always held for me as I believe that has helped me know who I am and what I believe and stand for so when I was told I was ‘wrong’ I knew in my heart when I was ‘right’.

Whatever our backgrounds, our parental influences, our knock backs, our highs, our lows, we’re all here for the journey and for many of us that journey of finding our voice is like Mary Oliver describes in her poem.

For me that voice is your intuition and that is why I’m so passionate about listening to mine and helping others do the same.


The Journey

by Mary Oliver

One day you finally knew
what you had to do, and began,
though the voices around you
kept shouting
their bad advice –
though the whole house
began to tremble
and you felt the old tug
at your ankles.
“Mend my life!”
each voice cried.
But you didn’t stop.
You knew what you had to do,
though the wind pried
with its stiff fingers
at the very foundations,
though their melancholy
was terrible.
It was already late
enough, and a wild night,
and the road full of fallen
branches and stones.
But little by little,
as you left their voices behind,
the stars began to burn
through the sheets of clouds,
and there was a new voice
which you slowly
recognized as your own,
that kept you company
as you strode deeper and deeper
into the world,
determined to do
the only thing you could do –
determined to save
the only life you could save.

Let me know what you think of the poem, I promise I won’t think you’re ‘wrong’ – like I’m sure my old English teachers might.


Jocasta Maree

Goodbye You, Hello I

goodbye you

I have done my fair share of personal development courses over the years, anything from the full on North American style RA-RA happy clapping experiences, to intensive retreats spending days in dyads (fancy word for pairs) asking “tell me who you are” over and over.

One of the most effective and powerful things I became aware of in one of them was this most simple of tips, one that I believe was life changing for me.

It’s the idea of claiming your thoughts, experience and ideas as your own.  Basically saying goodbye to ‘you’ and hello to ‘I’ when talking about your feelings and the like.

As an example it’s relatively common to hear someone say a phrase like “you know when you’re bored it’s just so easy to eat.”  Notice the difference now when this becomes “I know when I’m bored it’s just so easy to eat.”  All of  a sudden I have to recogise that’s ME, not just everyone, not just the ‘out there’ as if I have no control, or no input, or no choice in the matter.  In fact for some people their truth is that when they’re bored they exercise, or read, or a plethora of other options, eating is not everyone’s truth in this sentence.

For me there is immense power in recognising these kinds of statements as being true for myself and therefore not detaching from them; subconsciously implying it’s okay then because it’s normal or everyone else does it.  Now this does beg to differ a little on my thoughts on the benefits of the Buddhist wisdom of non-attachment however I feel it’s not really the same thing in the situations I’m applying it to.

I think it’s important to feel and own these kind of personal, emotional, experiential ‘things’ and not detach from them.  Sometimes I actually think it reeks a little of arrogance, most likely unintended in the majority of instances, to just assume that everything is universal by using the ‘royal you’.

Let’s face it for every thought, opinion, experience, feeling I have I know there are opposing and different ones even if they were in the very same situation.  Given our free will the only real things we all have in common are birth and death, the space in between is up for interpretation, and currently I believe there’s approximately 7 billion interpretations going on here, give or take.  It’s a bit like what I talked about when I said don’t believe a word I say, the words I say are only my interpretation.

Clearly in many cases it can be a commonly accepted generalisation, and a truth for many people, however I will still firmly stick with the power of claiming these types of statements as my own instead.  I found it eye opening to see how much I did it and then how much I heard it happening.

I have to warn you now that when I became aware of this all I heard everywhere was people saying “you” and generalising experiences instead of owning them as their own.  I still catch myself doing it too, it seems so ingrained, yet awareness remains and I do correct myself when I catch it – gosh darnit I even had to rewrite parts of this blog as in my explanation of it I became guilty of it!!

I’d love to hear how you go when you start noticing this, and now you’ve read this blog post (unless you skipped some to this line in which case I recommend going back and reading it properly) you will notice it a lot.

So report back and let me know how you find saying goodbye to you and hello to I.


Jocasta Maree



There Is Only One Guru

Only One Guru

What a relief eh?  Or wait are you anxious now to know who it is, so you can rush and buy all their books, get tickets to all their seminars, learn everything they teach so all your problems will be fixed?

Are you thinking of skimming this post to get to the name quicker?  C’mon I know the feeling, eager as to just get on with life, which of course you can’t do until you get the answers from someone else; once you just fix what’s broken in your life, then you’ll be there and everything will be fine and dandy.

And here I am suggesting there is simply no need to keep looking, trawling the internet, the library, other blogs, Facebook, Twitter, nope none of that.

No more wondering who to believe now, what the latest gurus are saying or doing, what guru your friends follow or who your guru’s guru is.

No more guru of the month, no need to see the medal tally at the Guru Olympics.

How can this be?  How can it be so simple?  What will you do with all your time now you can stop searching for answers?

The reason you can stop looking is that all you need is a mirror.  That’s right, it’s there and only there that you will see your only guru – it’s YOU!!

Tip: just in case you forget, the word itself even has ‘u’ in it – TWICE!

You have the ability to connect to your own intuition and use it as guidance to live an amazing life.  You don’t need anyone else.  Of course it’s nice to see what other people are up to, get a helping hand, some coaching, read the odd book, attend the odd seminar, play and dance with what’s out there – sure go ahead.  As long as you really get that it’s you that has all the answers, it’s you that has all the clues and feelings and knowings and it’s you that can create the life of you dreams.


Jocasta Maree