Painting Of A Guardian Angel


Hi Lovelies,

So I did my Week 1 class of Life Book 2014 recently and couldn’t be happier with how she turned out, she is my Guardian Angel for painting this year, reminding me that all is well and to TRUST!!

She brought me so much joy to paint, although there was a moment or two early on that I nearly lost her out of frustration and letting my perfectionist ways creep in!

I really love the sense of timelessness that being creative gives me, I just lose all sense of time as I get engrossed in what I’m doing.  A great form of meditation for me.

I hope you like her as much as I do, some people have asked about buying prints and I will be getting a shop up at some point when I have some more art created.


Jocasta Maree

Art Makes My Heart Sing


My warm up exercise for from Week 1 of Tamara Laporte’s LifeBook2014.

Lots of fun to playing with water colour crayons, brayering, splattering, dripping and cutting and sticking.

Underneath the painting I first wrote my fears and concerns, it’s a great way to overcome blank page paralysis.

Then on top you can see part of where I said,

I am creative

I am enough

I am worthy

Just finding my feet but art really does make my heart sing so I’m happy to be on this journey now!


Jocasta Maree

The Pool Of Wonder


I’ve realised recently when reflecting back on the numerous poems that I have written, which are scattered all over the place in different notebooks, that I really need to date them!

It’s fascinating I find though, finding them and having no recollection of writing many of them really even though they have all been in the last few months.

Decided I’d like to share this one today.

The Pool Of Wonder

At the

pool of









the expansive


she took

a deep


she sighed

she smiled

she soaked

it all


the wonder

the wonder

of it all.


Jocasta Maree

What I Want More Of In 2014


This year I’ve decided is all about creative expression, about having fun and doing art.

Writing poetry, painting, creating, crafting what ever tickles my fancy in the moment.

I’m participating in Tamara Laporte’s Life Book 2014 year long art class.  There is a new class every week, and I’m pumped.

This is week two’s class, now I’m going to do week one – how fun is that to not do things in order! ;)

So this blog and website is getting a makeover, it’s going to be for my personal journey into creative expression this year.

I won’t be offering coaching or angel card readings (unless you ask really nicely with some art supplies on top!! :P )

My focus has changed, I’m now setting up a new business as the exclusive distributor in Australia of THE.BEST.CHAIR ever invented – The Chill Out Chair.

So between that, family and art my life is overflowing with awesomeness this year.

Thanks for being part of my journey I look forward to sharing my words and art with you this year – 2014 The Year of FUN!


Jocasta Maree


In This Moment

photo credit: seanmcgrath via photopin cc

photo credit: seanmcgrath via photopin cc

Another poem this week, prose seems to continue to flow from me and I’m allowing it to.  Opening myself as a conduit for these words to be expressed.

My hope is that this poem evokes your own contemplation and reflection of all there is to be grateful for in this moment.  Enjoy.

In This Moment

I start my walk
I catch a glimmer
Of a bird fly by
It starts my contemplation
Of all this creation
All that has conspired
All that has transpired
And all that has been inspired
To make this moment

This moment
That is all for me
To experience
Right now

As I place my foot forward
On the concrete path
I acknowledge
Someone planned this
Someone built this
Someone made this happen
For me

Someone sewed the
Seeds of the grass
Beside the path
Each blade coming together
To soften my view
And to help me breathe

That house was built
That tree was planted
That flower too
Which blooms
For me to see
For me to experience
In this moment

And as I lose the shade
Of a tree
The sun’s light
Blinds me
And I realise
Those rays
Are the connection
Those rays
Are a source of oneness
For they have shone
For eons gone
On big and small

And despite our differences
It’s a common thread
It’s what we all
Need to live
And it requires nothing
Of us to give

But I give
I give a moment
In this moment
To stand in
Its grace
Soak up
Its wonder
And pour forth
The gratitude
I have for this place

That’s come together
Right now
In this moment
For me
To embrace.

© Jocasta Norman 2013

In the comments below I’d love for you to tell me what you feel when you read this poem, and/or to let me know what you’re grateful for in this moment!


Jocasta Maree

Surviving vs Thriving

New growth

I’ve been pushing too long.  I saw this coming, no really I did.  Which begs the questions why would I do that to myself, why just keep pushing and pushing my poor body and not stopping to take care of it?

Why not honour its importance in my life?  Um hello my physical health and wellbeing couldn’t really get much more important surely, it’s my soul’s home!!

I’ve kept pretending that I’m special (I know shock horror I’m just as special as you really, because we’re all special), pretending that I’m super human.

That I just don’t need as much sleep as ‘they say’.  That I can wear my lack of sleep, my amazing multitasking skills and apparent ability to function as a badge of honour.

And yes I am functioning pretty well, all things considered I would say.

But really if I’m honest with myself I’m just surviving.

I want to thrive in this precious life of my mine, not just survive it.

Not live it in a sleep deprived fog, not have my body just get so darn sick of waiting for me to respect it that it decides to make me physically sick and ache just to wake up.

I need sleep.

I need to start taking care of myself.

I need to stop spending so much time in the pursuit of success and what to do next and just sit in the now and see what happens.

I need to give my body the chance to heal so it can operate at level thrive.

I just need to stop, to slow down, to smell the proverbial roses.

I need to just be still and listen.

I need to take my own advice.

These needs are not really needs though, they are wants.  A subtle yet potent difference.  I have known I needed all that for a while now.

Now I want it.

Let it be known, let it be declared, let it be shouted from the roof tops…


So, are you surviving or thriving?  Let me know your tips for thriving, what makes you feel alive?


Jocasta Maree


Why I’m Relating to Honeycomb


photo credit: BotheredByBees via photopin cc


Today I had a healing session with a fabulous healer in New Zealand with whom I have Skype sessions with. In it I did some short meditations and in one of them a vision of, and the word, honeycomb kept coming up.

My over active mind was thinking what the heck, why would I be seeing and hearing the word honeycomb.  I just sat with it.

Then I was asked to do some stream of consciousness writing on it (meaning just take a pen and paper and write without stopping, whatever is coming up write it down no thought or judgement) and bingo I hit it.

Queen bee responsible for everything.

I’ve been feeling this overwhelming, and proving unhealthy, sense of responsibility for everything not only in my life but other people’s lives too (mostly family).

As a highly empathic person I do take on other people’s feeling and put myself in their shoes very easily.  Part of the issue is that I don’t take their shoes off completely so I carry that with me.

I feel responsible for providing for my family, even though I know technically I’m not responsible for anyone other than my very young dependent children.  However I do actually really care and want to help people I know and love as much as possible and would never want to see them in hardship.

I know that I have so much potential, so much to offer, so much I could be rewarded for financially and otherwise and yet I’m still playing small.  I’m still hiding under a blanket of fears.

I’m still holding myself back, out of indecision and out of fear.

This self-imposed burden of responsibility really is slowing me down because I feel like everything has to be perfect, I have to make it big time in order to support so many people.

That leads to overwhelm and that for me means either shutting down and running away, or continuous seeking in the pursuit of the big thing that will be my ticket to success.

When really all that feels like is chasing success based on someone else’s terms and even then that is just an appearance of success anyway.

So it’s time to move some of this energy, it’s time to shift it so I can actually open and allow, and stop blocking myself.

I could actually relate to more than just the Queen bee part of the honey comb symbolism too, the ideas of control and perfection, order and organisation come up as well and if I ponder it longer more comes up.

Fascinating stuff really, the power of the mind and exploring symbolism.

I encourage you to take a minute to meditate and see what comes up, even if it feels random do some stream of consciousness writing and see what reveals itself.


Jocasta Maree




I’m Not No One

Not a No One

photo credit: nosha via photopin cc


It’s 1130PM and I’ve just showed up to my Tuesday commitment to blog.  I’m here, I’m tired and it was so tempting to just say to myself

“oh well no one will notice, no one will care, heck I don’t even think anyone is reading this anyway…”

Then I remembered I’m not a no one, I do care, I am reading this.  Heck last time I checked I’m writing it, so I better be reading it!!

Although some times when I reread what I’ve written I wonder where it came from (and how I could make so many grammar and spelling mistakes, did I mention I was tired?)

Too many places and times in my life I’ve stopped showing up, stopped my commitment to me and I would like that to stop.

So yeah I’m here, and so are you and I’m so grateful for that.

Thank you!


Jocasta Maree


The Ocean

The Ocean

I’m going through a poetry phase, I’m thinking and writing in prose a lot at the moment.  Feels good, feels nice, feels right and I look forward to sharing more here on my blog!

The Ocean

As I stare at the vast ocean

I feel the symbolism

The relatedness

To being human

We have waves of emotions

Waves of experiences

Sometimes it’s smooth, it’s calm and it’s serene

Sometimes it’s rough, it’s bumpy, it’s up and down

Some places it’s crystal clear

Other places it’s murky

Some places are shallow

Some places are deep

All the time though it’s one completeness

One whole system in movement

In harmony

Without instructions

Without seeking

Without duality

Without wrong and right

There is no inside and outside

There is just one divine ocean of oneness

One ocean of energy in motion






One ocean of energy

To which we all belong.



Jocasta Maree

A Life Of Plenty


I wrote this poem yesterday upon waking.  I don’t remember my dreams that night, I’m picking the angels were doing some work on me though!

I like it and hope you will too!

It all lies

Before me

As it always has

Always waiting

For me to start


There is no other

Place hiding

It’s always been


And always will be

Fears are just


My ego

Suppressing the expression

Of my greatness

Keeping me small

Let it go


Be free

I am safe

It’s my time

Time to explore

I have

Something to


Something to


Through thoughts

Through words

Through creative expression

Through love

By just being

I am already




Jocasta Maree