Angel Card Readings

Angelic Whisper

Are you curious about what’s really going on for you?

Would you like some swift soul-guidance that will illuminate your current experience, issue or concern?

One Angelic Whisper gives you a divine perspective through a single Angel Card reading. It’s a sweet, single-serving of luminous love for immediate clarity, insight and light.

How it Works:

  • After you purchase you are directed to a short intake form.
  • If you have a specific wondering you can enter it there or just receive the message that is needed most.
  • A sacred space is opened + infused with your curiosity and wonder.
  • Your angel card is chosen and interpreted.
  • You will receive a description + divine interpretation via email within 48 hours.

Say Yes for one Angelic Whisper here, it’s $14 AU

Angel Card Reading

Do you feel stuck and overwhelmed?

Are you struggling to find clarity?

My Angel Card Reading offers a safe, sacred space for you to receive divine guidance.

It starts with you.

I know you feel like there’s more to life than the surface stuff. And believe me, it’s not self-indulgent to want to move into sacred self-love. In fact, I believe it’s your birthright.

But if you’re finding it difficult discussing your deeper stuff with your partner or close friend, there is another possibility.

Because it can be difficult for the people who love us to see beyond their interpretation. Let’s be honest – it’s difficult to see ourselves clearly, let alone another person we know well.

Can’t seem to break through your negative self-talk? Getting tired of listening to your story?

I’m here to tell you that the answers you seek are inside you. Because you are completely worthy – and entitled – to experience and radiate your magic.

What do I do? I listen. Deeply. Not just to what you are telling me, but to the messages that I receive as we work with the Angelic realm.

And then I do what I’m told. Which really means I let the Angels guide me to choose the exact card you need, moment by moment.

During each session when I work with this ancient, sacred tool, I’m always completely blown away. I’ve found that if you are open to angelic energy – and if you’re reading this right now you know you are – startling new possibilities are revealed.

30 mins Virtual Angel Card Reading. Skype, phone or email. Whatever works for you.

By the end of the reading you will feel uplifted and gain a deeper understanding of what you need to do next.

Say Yes to an Angel Card Reading here, it’s $48 AU