“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

                                                                                                                           – Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

Hi, I’m Jocasta.

jocasta-about-01Do you have an inkling that you are meant for more? Are you wondering about your purpose on the planet?  Do you want to access your innate wisdom to manifest your highest potential?

I hear you. And I want to help you tune into your truth.

I believe we are born with unique gifts. But sadly, over time, some of us deny our truth and ignore the call of our heart, simply because we want to fit in. Over time, we can lose touch with our intuition. Desperately searching for answers outside of ourselves, the real answers – the ones that reside within – remain elusive.

I was born highly intuitive. I grew up feeling I didn’t quite belong. Being bullied at school meant I shut down my gifts in an attempt to conform. I suppressed my intuition and my natural gifts for a long time.

Growing up a left-brain thinker – certainly not Angel Intuitive – and having a love of spreadsheets myself, I aced my Bachelor of Commerce degree. I was recognised for my high aptitude for handling data and logic. But I was not fulfilled.

I believe that connecting with The Universe, the Angelic realm – whatever you choose to call it – does not mean you disconnect from your earthly reality. For me, that primal mother-baby bond opened me right up to the spiritual dimension of life. Having my son at the age of 30, I knew I could no longer deny my soul awakening. This sparked a profound journey for me to rediscover the side of me I’d run away from all those years ago.

After my second baby was born, something further shifted. Amazing things started to happen for me. I got out of my way. And stepped into who I really am. I released the weight I’d been carrying. I stopped chasing money. I released ideas that didn’t serve me. Opportunities aligned to my higher purpose manifested immediately. I began living in flow with the Universe.

My journey has brought me to my sacred responsibility to call you back to your internal wisdom -because I want to reawaken your intuition by sharing my own.

As an intensely curious Intuition Coach I bring a wealth of knowledge and training to what I do now.  Having learned various healing modalities, I am also a Holistic Health Coach, a Certified Angel Practioner, and an Awakening Coach in training, my outlook is holistic and open. Once I studied and began using Angel Cards I was astounded at what this ancient tool could do for people.

Today I fully claim my gifts of claircognisance (knowing) and clairsentience (feeling). And I feel deep gratitude that I can use my divine gifts to help people connect to their higher self and the expansive energy of the Universe.

Throughout my life I have been called ‘a breath of fresh air’, ‘a beautiful soul’ and ‘a caring heart’, and I’ll take them all, as I consider it my life’s calling to guide people and awaken them to the life they most truly desire.

What does your soul yearn to know? What angelic messages will ignite and enchant your life?

It’s my honour to help you, guide you and welcome you back to your innate wisdom.

Arohanui (Big Love)

Jocasta Maree

Angel Card Reader + Intuition Coach